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About us

IperCleaner deals every day to find comprehensive solutions for the protection and personal hygiene. Our company adopts a flexible approach to apply quality methodologies and high standards.


In an increasingly congested market, where the attention is decreasingly directed to consumer needs, IperCleaner focuses on research and development strategies to innovate its proposals and anticipate needs. The use of the latest technology allows us to pursue ambitious objectives, aimed at consolidating the company's position in global markets. Our priority is to apply our scientific knowledge to improve the well-being of the individual, ensuring the correct disinfection at any time of the day.



What the organization intends, as a producer, it is to keep the future sustainability of the supply chain, both internally and in cohesion with the environment. The Ipercleaner commitment is not limited to sales and turnover, aiming instead to the improvement of social welfare. Therefore the main objective is to ensure that more people are found in the company's values, putting the disinfection and sanitation, in addition to personal protection, on top of their priorities.



As a result of huge investments and the constant attention to detail, we can ensure that all products listed in our catalog comply with the regulations in the health sector, both national and Community. IperCleaner ensures maximum safety in the production and processing of products, by placing CE certifications for our surgical masks, entirely realized in Italy, and MSDS safety cards for our alcohol.


Our commitment to your health

Our team is committed to ensure better hygiene and greater safety for you and your whole family. We use high quality natural raw materials and innovative production methods, for unique, effective and eco-friendly products. Personal care is our main goal. Find out more about us and our company.